Welcome to the Rainbow 

About Us

RVMs are members of the popular online RV Forum, iRV2.  In April of 2013 RVM2 created the thread that has become the entry point to life on the Rainbow: "R U an RV Mutant Too". This thread is where the ponderance of RVM1 was introduced: "Why Does my RV not have these 37 things and I don't miss them."  He asked, "Am I a Mutant".  That's when RVM2 replied - "Yes. You are an RV Mutant".  Within a short time RVMs 1 & 2 had become friends and RVM2 started the thread where RVMs meet, introduce themselves and declare their RVM-ness.  By stating openly to the group a few things their RVs don't have and they don't miss, and by affirming their dedication to "life on the Rainbow where the Journey is the Destination", new RVMs have emerged at an average of 8.14 Mutants per month and we're growing and mutating all the time.  

If you're interested in becoming an RV Mutant, iRV2 is a free forum.  In order to post to the forum, you must first create a User Id and Password - but again - it is Free. Click To Visit iRV2.com or to go directly to the thread where it all began Click here. You may read all threads and posts in iRV2 without establishing a Free Account, but to join in the fun you must establish an account.