Welcome to the Rainbow 


RV Mutants are RV Enthusiasts with an uncommon connection.  It isn't the type of RV, the brand or a common location that brings RV Mutants together.  It's the love of our RV, the RV lifestyle, and a sense of humor, curiosity and adventure that brings us together. 

In order to be an RVM - the prospective mutant must declare 2 things.

1. Openly disclose what their RV doesn't have and they don't miss.

2. Declare that The journey is the Destination.

To declare you RVMness, obtain your official RVM Number and learn more about RVMs see our About Us Page and check back often.  Directions to the Rainbow and keys to the RVMdom are just around the next bend.  Watch for us.  One or more of us are coming soon to a campground, RV Park and Internet connection near you.